With  Digitize_BMP  allows you to display a map or picture (BMP or JPG) and pick XY value along a road, any limit. Data format can be degree, minutes, seconds, degree and decimal are kilometric grid. Coordinates are saved in a text file.The software is user friendly and can be used very intuitively. Digitize_BMP run under all 64 bits Windows.


Conversion module from usual system is available (Degree min sec, SWISS grid, UTM, LT3, LT93, ED50 NTF, WGS84, Lambert...)


1.    Select the type of data (Degree, kilometric grid..)

2.    Select a map (BMP or JPG)

3.    Select the coordinate system enter map corner coordinates

4.    Display the map and start picking (Left button to remove a point)

5.    Save the data file

6.    Optionally display the data on GOOGLE Earth

digitize 1



  The picking window

Digitize 2




 Digitize 3








Ask for a demo version jacques@w-geosoft.com