With  SISM_KML_EDITOR  you can display in four mouse click your seismic line location on GOOGLE- EARTH.



Data source can be a Station, X, Y, Z text file or a Seismic file (SEG-Y or SU)  Sism_KML_Editor can read directly in SEG-Y or SU header!


The software is user friendly and can be used very intuitively. Sism_KML_Editor run under all 64 bits Windows. Google Earth coordinates are degree and degree decimal.


Conversion module from usual system is available (Degree min sec, SWISS grid, UTM, LT3, LT93, ED50 NTF, WGS84, Lambert...)





Step 1 Select a text or seismic

file and enter parameters



Step 2 Conversion to degree and decimal of degree


Step 3 Writing the KML file

Step 4 Running the KML file and display Google Earth with CDP/Shot or receivers



Ask for a demo version jjenny@worldcom.ch!