Visual_SUNT       Seismic Reflection processing, graphical interface for SEISMIC UNIX* for Windows



Visual_SUNT is a Windows 32 or 64 bits software that is linked to SUNT modules (Seismic UNIX for Windows).


SUNT is an adaptation for Windows of SEISMIC UNIX  (Center for Wave Phenomena of Colorado School of Mine). There are more than 100 modules allowing all usual steps of seismic reflection processing. There is no limit on the number of traces!



Visual_SUNT also contains specific utility modules that complement those of SUNT. With Visual_SUNT you can easily convert SEG-2, SEG-Y, SEG-D, ABEM and OYO data to SU/SEGY. Among the Visual_SUNT utility modules are: Header display, Header edit, frequency spectrum, on screen mute and trace kill, geometry display, velocity computation with hyperbola curve, first breaks pick, easy geometry input, FK filtering, deconvolution, velocity semblance, residual statics, stacking chart  and more...



Visual_SUNT batch editor is a powerful tool with on line help and interactive input. All important SU/SUNT modules have an input panel with comments and default values.


Visual_SUNT display options are multiple: wiggle, amplitude, color, gray scale... You can print at any scale your printer is capable of, and very long plots are possible. You can also save profiles on files (BMP or JPG).


Visual SUNT Pro comes with:





















Download a demo version with a data set



Visual SUNT Pro specifications


Visual_SUNT display

Visual_SUNT printing module

File utility

Raw data utility


On screen


Visual SUNT specific utility modules

Radar utilities

SUNT utilities

With Visual_SUNT you can use more than 100 SU modules...

Batch processing with spelling control and automatic file name input

You can add your own modules!!

Help and tutorial

         Manuals and an important documentation on the CD


Software protection: USB key allow you to move your license from one computer to another one. Soft key is also available. No other seismic processing software on the market is competitive with Visual_SUNT price/capacities ratio. Inexpensive multi-user licenses are available for academic non profit purpose.