This small software can simulate any pumping up to 5 wells


You can select:


·         Area size

·         Well(s) location, distance (meter) (r)

·         Coefficient of storage in % (S)

·         Coefficient of transmissivity (m2/s) (T)

·         Pumping rate (m3/h) (Q)


Result is displayed in map or 3D view.

You can record a text file  X, Y, Z for export to a contouring like SURFER


The Cooper & Jacob (1946) formula is used for drawdown computation


          s= ( 0.183 * Q )/ T  * Log (( 2.25 * T * t ) / ( r * r * S)

If interested ask for VB6 code


If you have SURFER of Golden Software, you can export result and have a better display with numerous options.